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Systematic studies in Lepidosperma (Cyperaceae : Schoeneae) with particular reference to L-laterale

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Hodgon, J., Bruhl, J. J., Wilson K. L.
Journal:Australian Systematic Botany
Keywords:classification, genera

Lepidosperma laterale exhibits much morphological variation across its geographical range. This study included L. laterale, and morphologically similar species, as well as several comparator species. Phenetic analyses based on 27 morphological and 25 vegetative anatomical characteristics were undertaken in an attempt to resolve taxonomic issues within the study group. Evidence for broadening the delimitation of L. laterale is strong as OTUs of this variable species formed a group with indistinct clusters in all analyses. The mixed, diffuse clusters obtained of OTUs of specimens identified as L. gunnii with specimens of L. laterale suggest that the species limits of the former lie within the limits of the latter. Specimens of most other study group taxa formed relatively cohesive, discrete clusters in ordination and cluster analyses. The results provide strong support for recognition of L. sp. Whian Whian S. F. (J. Hodgon 331 & D. M. Hodgon) and L. sp. Mt Coolum (P. R. Sharpe 5605A) as new species.

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