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Surface wetness and mire development during the late Holocene in central Sweden

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Andersson, S., Schoning K.
Keywords:hill moss, northern england, ombrotrophic peat bogs, organic-matter, proxy-climate records, raised bogs, south-central sweden, sphagnum peat, stable carbon-isotope, testate amebas

Late Holocene mire development and surface wetness changes have been studied in a small mixed mire located in central Sweden. Today the mire is characterized by a mainly ombrotrophic centre dominated by Sphagnum mosses, with Carex content increasing towards the more minerotrophic mire margins. Two peat sequences extracted from the central ombrotrophic part were investigated for stratigraphy, humification, testate amoebae analysis, C/N ratio and delta(13)C and delta(15)N stable isotopes. Three main stages of mire development are identified, with the first stage, between c. 4200 and 2600 cal. yr BP, characterized by water-logged conditions, suggesting a minerotrophic fen stage. The second stage, between c. 2600 and 1000 cal. yr BP, is characterized by more ombrotrophic conditions and Sphagnum-dominated vegetation. The onset of the prominent change at c. 2600 cal. yr BP could have been initiated by climate change coincident with a change in solar activity. The last stage, between c. 1000 and 50 cal. yr BP, is dominated by more ombrotrophic conditions, suggesting increased precipitation. This study shows that the response of hydrological proxies in a mixed mire during its development towards more ombrotrophic conditions might result in conflicting results, a finding that needs to be considered in palaeoenvironmental reconstructions from mires that change between ombrotrophic and minerotrophic settings.

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