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Studies in Cyperaceae in southern Africa 31: a third species of Cyathocoma, C. bachmannii

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:Archer, C., Browning, J., Gordon-Gray K. D.
Journal:South African Journal of Botany. Pretoria

<p>The history of Tetraria bachmannii K&uuml;kenthal is given. Reasons are provided for the transfer of this species to Cyathocoma Nees as C. bachmannii (K&uuml;kenthal) C. Archer, which is redescribed and illustrated. A recircumscription of the southern African endemic genus Cyathocoma and a key to its three species is included. The taxon is better known under its later name Macrochaetium Steud.</p>

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