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Species limits in Carpha (Schoeneae, Cyperaceae) based on phenetic analyses

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Zhang, X. F., Wilson, K. L., Bruhl J. J.
Journal:Australian Systematic Botany
Keywords:delimitation, ordination, sequences, southern africa, systematics

We review the taxonomic history of Carpha. Recent estimates of the number of species in Carpha have varied from 4 to 15. The generic limits of Carpha and some species limits within Carpha have been uncertain. This study tests the limits of species in Carpha sensu lato by phenetic analyses of morphological data and identifies 16 species. Three of them ( Carpha cf. bracteosa C. B. Clarke, C. discolor ms and C. ulugurensis ms) are new; the taxonomic ranks of C. angustissima Cherm., C. capitellata ( Nees) Boeck. var. bracteosa ( C. B. Clarke) Kuk., C. nivicola F. Muell. and C. schoenoides Banks et Sol. ex Hook. f. are clarified; C. perrieri Cherm. is synonymised with C. capitellata ( Nees) Boeck.; the definitions of C. schlechteri C. B. Clarke and C. glomerata ( Thunb.) Nees are amended.

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