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Six new species of Anthracoidea (Ustilaginales) from China

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Guo, L.
Journal:Fungal Diversity
Keywords:[00504] General biology - Taxonomy, [07502] Ecology: environmental biology - General and methods, [07506] Ecology: environmental biology - Plant, [15300] Basidiomycetes [new taxon], [25280] Cyperaceae, [50506] Botany: general and systematic - Fungi, [50524] Botany: general and systematic - Monocotyledones, Angiospermae, Anthracoidea bistaminatae: species, Anthracoidea duriusculae: species, Anthracoidea filamentosae: species, Anthracoidea haemotostomae: species, Anthracoidea pseudofoetidae: species, Anthracoidea royleanae: species, Basidiomycetes: Fungi, Carex duriuscula: species [Cyperaceae], Carex filamentosa: species [Cyperaceae], Carex haemotostoma: species [Cyperaceae], Carex pseudofoetida: species [Cyperaceae], Cyperaceae: Angiosperms, Environmental Sciences, Fungi, Kobresia myosuroides: species [Cyperaceae], Kobresia royleana: species [Cyperaceae], Microorganisms, Monocots, Monocotyledones, new species [Basidiomycetes], nomenclature and terminology, Nonvascular Plants, Plantae, Plants, Spermatophyta, Spermatophytes, Systematics and Taxonomy, Terrestrial Ecology: Ecology, Vascular plants

Anthracoidea haematostomae on Carex haematostoma, A. pseudofoetidae on C. pseudofoetida, A. duriusculae on C. duriuscula subsp. stenophylloides, A. bistaminatae on Kobresia myosuroides subsp. bistaminata, A. royleanae on K. royleana and A. filamentosae on Carex filamentosa are described as new species. Three new species were discovered in dry specimens kept in Herbarium (PE). Three new species were collected from northwestern China in the summer of 2005. Five keys to the Anthracoidea species on sect. Frigidae of subgen. Carex and sect. Foetidae of subgen. Vignea, on sections Elyna and Kobresia of genus Kobresia, and on section Digitatae of subgenus Carex are provided.

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