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Sedges of the World

Welcome to Sedges of the World, the Cyperaceae community resource

Carex lupulina, spike

This website is a collaborative Virtual Research Environment built by and for Cyperaceae taxonomists, floristicians, ecologists, and botanists of all stripes. It was commenced in September 2011, with funding from BioSynC (the synthesis arm of Encyclopedia of Life) and in collaboration with eMonocot and ViBRANT / Scratchpads. The site is a portal to authoritative Cyperaceae data and a resource for collaboration among the Cyperaceae-interested.

To find information on the species you are interested in, try a "Taxonomy" search in the search box to the left, using auto-complete to select your taxon. All data linked to that taxon name -- literature references, descriptions, photos -- will show up. Links to a few example species pages:

  • Carex echinodes -- a largely monographic treatment, from the primary literature
  • Carex scoparia var. scoparia -- an integration of regional treatments into a synthetic treatment
  • Carex pallescens -- a species for which numerous regional treatments as well as one synthetic treatment are available

For more information or to get involved, please contact us.

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