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Physicochemical and biological characterisation of different dredged sediment deposit sites in France

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Capilla, X., Schwartz, C., Bedell, J. - P., Sterckeman, T., Perrodin, Y., Morel J. - L.
Journal:Environmental Pollution
Keywords:[07502] Ecology: environmental biology - General and methods, [07506] Ecology: environmental biology - Plant, [10069] Biochemistry studies - Minerals, [25280] Cyperaceae, [25325] Iridaceae, [25420] Sparganiaceae, [25510] Aceraceae, [25590] Araliaceae, [25665] Boraginaceae, [25738] Cannabidaceae, [25745] Caprifoliaceae, [25765] Caryophyllaceae, [25840] Compositae, [25860] Cornaceae, [26310] Lythraceae, [26605] Polygonaceae, [26680] Rubiaceae, [26695] Salicaceae, [26920] Urticaceae, [52803] Soil science - Genesis, Acer pseudoplatanus: species [Aceraceae], Aceraceae: Angiosperms, aluminum: 7429-90-5, Angiospermae, Araliaceae: Angiosperms, Arctium: genus [Compositae], Boraginaceae: Angiosperms, cadmium: 7440-43-9, Cannabidaceae: Angiosperms, Caprifoliaceae: Angiosperms, Carex: genus [Cyperaceae], Caryophyllaceae: Angiosperms, chromium: 7440-47-3, classification, Compositae: Angiosperms, copper: 7440-50-8, Cornaceae: Angiosperms, Cornus mas: species [Cornaceae], Cyperaceae: Angiosperms, Dicots, Dicotyledones, Environmental Sciences, Galium aparine: species [Rubiaceae], geology, Geology: Environmental Sciences, Hedera helix: species [Araliaceae], Humulus lupulus: species [Cannabidaceae], Iridaceae: Angiosperms, Iris pseudacorus: species [Iridaceae], iron: 7439-89-6, lead: 7439-92-1, Lythraceae: Angiosperms, Lythrum salicaria: species [Lythraceae], Monocots, Monocotyledones, morphology, Myosotis: genus [Boraginaceae], Plantae, Plants, Polygonaceae: Angiosperms, Rubiaceae: Angiosperms, Rumex: genus [Polygonaceae], Salicaceae: Angiosperms, Salix: genus [Salicaceae], Sambucus nigra: species [Caprifoliaceae], Silene latifolia: species [Caryophyllaceae], soil, Sparganiaceae: Angiosperms, Sparganium: genus [Sparganiaceae], Spermatophyta, Spermatophytes, Terrestrial Ecology: Ecology, Urtica: genus [Urticaceae], Urticaceae: Angiosperms, Vascular plants, zinc: 7440-66-6

The aim of this work is to determine sediment properties, metal contents and transfers of Cd and Zn from dredged sediments to plants. To this end 10 deposit sites with different contexts were visited in France. The main agronomic characteristics and metal contents for surface soil layers were measured, the plant species present at the sites, such as Brassicaceae and Fabaceae, were listed, and the distribution of their root systems described. Soil characteristics such as available P (Olsen) varied between sites, with values ranging from 0.0 1 to 0.49 g kg(-1). Total contents and enrichment factors were studied, highlighting metal contamination in most of the sites. Despite carrying out principal component analyses, it was not possible to group deposits by age or geographical localisation. However, deposits could be distinguished as a function of proximity of industrial facilities, sediment grain size and carbonate content. Associations between metals were also highlighted: (1) Cd, Ph and Zn, and (2) Al, Cr, Cu and Fe. Consequently, we propose classifying them as technogenic anthrosols. (c) 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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