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Phylogeny and classification of Carex section Ovales (Cyperaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Hipp, A. L., Reznicek, A. A., Rothrock, P. E., Weber J. A.
Journal:International Journal of Plant Sciences
Keywords:ancestral character state reconstruction, Carex section Ovales, Carex section Stellulatae, Carex subgenus Vignea, DNA, evolution, hybrid speciation, incongruence, intergenic spacer, length difference test, model, north-america, nuclear, ribosomal DNA, sedges carex, SEQUENCE DATA, vignea cyperaceae

Section Ovales is the most species-rich section of the sedge genus Carex in the New World. Phylogenetic analyses of molecular data recover a predominantly New World clade as sister to a solitary east Asian species, C. maackii. Nuclear ribosomal DNA are congruent in the placement of all taxa within the section, with a solitary exception: incongruence between ITS and ETS data in the placement of C. bonplandii and C. roraimensis suggests a hybrid origin for this lineage. Biogeography correlates strongly with phylogeny in the section, but there have been at least two instances of long-range dispersal, one from an eastern North American clade to western North America and one from the New World to Eurasia. Morphological characters studied are all homoplastic. Developing a comprehensive infrasectional classification with a phylogenetic basis would be complicated by the fact that most of the novel morphological characters in the section have evolved within relatively small, independent clades.

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