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Phylogeny and chromosomal variations in East Asian Carex, Siderostictae group (Cyperaceae), based on DNA sequences and cytological data

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:Yano, O., Ikeda, H., Jin, X. - F., Hoshino T.
Journal:Journal of Plant Research
Start Page:99
Date Published: 16 Jul 2013
Keywords:Carex Cyperaceae Chromosome East Asia Polyploidy Siderostictae

<p>{Carex (Cyperaceae) is one of the largest genera of the flowering plants, and comprises more than 2,000 species. In Carex, section Siderostictae with broader leaves distributed in East Asia is thought to be an ancestral group. We aimed to clarify the phylogenetic relationships and chromosomal variations within the section Siderostictae, and to examine the relationship of broad-leaved species of the sections Hemiscaposae and Surculosae from East Asia, inferred from DNA sequences and cytological data. Our results indicate that a monophyletic Siderostictae clade, including the sections Hemiscaposae, Siderostictae and Surculosae, as the earliest diverging group in the tribe Cariceae. Low chromosome numbers</p>

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