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Notes on Cyperaceae plants collected from Nepal I: Manaslu Himalaya and adjacent areas

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:Yano, O., Ikeda H.
Journal:Journal of Japanese Cyperology

This is a record of plants belonging to the family Cyperaceae collected int he Manaslu Himalaya and adjacnet areas, central Nepal. We conducted a field research around Mt. Manaslu from 21 July to 19 August in 2008 (see Ikeda and Watson 2010). During this trip, we collected 60 taxa (excluding 1 unknown taxon in Carex) in 15 genera in Cyperaceae. Most of these taxa were in the genus Carex, including 23 taxa, and in the genus Kobresia, including 11 taxa.

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