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Nomenclature and typification of names of genera and subdivisions of genera in Cypereae (Cyperaceae): 2. Names of subdivisions of Cyperus

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:Larridon, I., Huygh, W., Reynders, M., Muasya, M., Govaerts, R., Simpson, D. A., Goetghebeur P.
Keywords:Cyperaceae, cyperus, DNA-sequence data, nomenclature, Phylogeny, subdivisions of genera, typification

This paper is the second in a series of papers on the nomenclature of the names of genera (Huygh & al., 2010) and subdivisions of genera in Cypereae (Cyperaceae). Here we present a survey of all published names of subdivisions of Cyperus, designate types where needed, and evaluate priority and legitimacy. Cyperus is the largest genus in Cypereae and is the second-largest genus in the family. The high diversity in Cyperus and the complex relationships with its segregate genera resulted in the accumulation of more than 220 names of subdivisions in Cyperus of which 18 are not validly published and 33 are illegitimate.

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