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Nomenclature and typification of names of genera and subdivisions of genera in Cypereae (Cyperaceae): 1. Names of genera in the Cyperus clade

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Huygh, W., Larridon, I., Reynders, M., Muasya, M., Govaerts, R., Simpson, D. A., Goetghebeur P.
Keywords:circumscription, combination, Cyperaceae, cyperus, DNA-sequence data, genus, infrageneric taxa, lectotypification, nomenclature, Phylogeny, spacer regions, typification

The morphological diversity and the presence of several convergent evolutionary lineages in the Cypereae tribe (Cyperaceae) have given rise to various conflicting classifications. These conflicts do not only arise in the delimitation of genera and their subdivisions, but also in the use of similar subdivisional names for different species groups and different names for similar species groups. This has resulted in the publication of approximately 350 names of genera and subdivisions of genera to accommodate the ca. 950 species in Cyperus and its segregate genera. This complex nomenclature has led to an accumulation of errors in the assessment of valid publication, priority and legitimacy, and in typification in almost all existing taxonomic treatments for the group. Renewed interest in the phylogeny and taxonomy of Cypereae reveals the need to evaluate the nomenclature of generic names and names of subdivisions of genera. In this paper, the first in a series of four papers, we present a survey of all generic names described in the Cyperus clade, designate types where needed, and evaluate priority and legitimacy.

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