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A new species of Carex section Ovales (Cyperaceae) occurring in the Ozark Mountain region

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:Rothrock, P. E., Reznicek A. A.
Keywords:alata, albolutescens, arkansas, Carex, cumulata, Cyperaceae, Diagnoses, Identification, Illustration, longii, oklahoma, Ozark, ozarkana, section ovales, silicea, texas, wetland

Carex ozarkana, a new species from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and extreme northeasternmost Texas is described and illustrated. It is a distinctive regional endemic of mineral soil wetlands most similar to the widespread Carex albolutescens and C. longii but differing in its elongate, nodding inflorescences (on robust plants), prominently clavate spikes with elongate staminate bases, reddish brown pistillate and staminate scales, and wider achenes with a long apiculum.

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