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Agmatoploidy in Carex laevigata (Cyperaceae) - Fusion and Fission of Chromosomes as the Mechanism of Cytogenetic Evolution in Iberian Populations

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1991
Authors:Luceño, M., Castroviejo S.
Journal:Plant Systematics and Evolution
Keywords:agmatoploidy, Angiosperms, carex-laevigat, chromosome fission, chromosome fusion, CRYPTOCARPAE, Cyperaceae, cytogenetic evolution, flora of the iberian peninsula, NORTHEASTERN NORTH-AMERICA

In this paper cytogenetic studies on 64 specimens from 20 lberian populations of Carex laevigata (Cyperaceae) are presented. Chromosome behaviour in meiosis suggests that the different chromosome numbers obtained (ranging from 2n = 69 to 2n = 80) were distributed according to an increasing geographic gradient of chromosome fission along the North –> South direction. Four relatively stable areas were also delimited according to chromosome numbers displayed by this species, i.e. 2n = c. 72, c. 74, c. 76, and 78. 1 The meiotic behaviour of Carex x deserta (C. laevigata x C. binervis) was also studied.

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